About Us

Welcome to KemiMet International! We are a fast growing distributor of chemicals, additives and ingredients. We have been specializing in chemical distribution, marketing and wholesale since 2010. We are always looking for new products, better commerce and longstanding partners to satisfy the needs of our clients. Over the years we have established a excellent partnership with many chemical manufacturers, including Ineos, Solvay ,K+S Kali, Nedmag Industries, Kemira, Tetra Chemicals Europe etc. We also import chemicals from Asia.

We have a commodious warehouse in Tallinn to offer fast and well organized deliveries across Estonia. We also support our clients with knowledge about chemicals and their use in different industries. Our employees have great experience in chemical wholesale and are always looking to learn more.

Looking forward to working with you!
KemiMet International

KemiMet International OÜ
Madikse 7, 74114, Maardu, Harjumaa
Phone: +372 68 25101 / Fax: +372 60 17288 / E-mail: info@kemimet.ee