Packaging : 5000ml canister

An effective and aldehyde-free desinfecting agent for surfaces and equipment(incl. medical equipment) in situations of hightened hygenic demands, where desinfecting is the most important prophylactic measure to avoid infections. The product has wide fungicidal and bactericidal effect, removes Gram-negatives and Gram-positives, viruses and funguses. Suitable for use on all alcohol-tolerant surfaces. Product pH is 6.5-7.5.

Packaging : 1000ml bottle

Antiseptic gel - lemon-flavored antiseptic cleanser for hands and body. With bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties. INTERSEPT ANTISEPTIC GEL kills gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria and yeast, deactivates enveloped (incl. HIV, Vaccinia, HBV, H1N1) and nonenveloped viruses. The gel evaporates quickly from the skin and leaves hands soft, silky and with a pleasant aroma.

Applications: home pharmacy, traveling, healthcare, veterinary care, beauty service, etc.

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